20/06/2010 12:18:43
Subject: RE: There are so many words....
Paul Lewis says:
Well done all, what a fantastic achievement! Even Sticky and Ned!
20/06/2010 05:19:58
Subject: RE: There are so many words....
sara king says:
Absolutely fantastic, well done and many congratulations Charlie and all the team.
What an incredible achievement and inspiration
Much love from all the King Family xxxxxxxx
20/06/2010 01:37:28
Subject: RE: There are so many words....
Nick Peck says:
Fantastic achievement by you all - I am so proud to be associated to you. Charlie, what superb drive and leadership, absolutely incredible! With Best Wishes, Nick
19/06/2010 17:43:47
Subject: RE: There are so many words....
[pamela pearch says:
What a fabulous achievement - congratulations to the whole team.
19/06/2010 17:32:21
Location: Maryland
Time stop: Finish
Subject: There are so many words....
Charlie Pearch says:
.....to say over the coming days, but as I wake, bleary eyed, confused, a tad tired, some aches and creaks getting out of bed I have to say a few words

Thank you to everyone for your kind words of encouragement via this blog. The words and thoughts spurred us on, you are all incredible, it was difficult to either find the time (as intended), the energy (on occasion) or the internet (often), to update the blog as oft as we should.

Then a big thanks to the team, I know that I mentioned many of the guys already, but over the days it was really quite amazing to sense the competitiveness of the riders, Sacha was amazing, solid and strong, Reading are a lucky club to have him, Griff, our mountain goat, our workhorse, he never shied away from a climb and there were a few, Thomas well you always know that one can count on the strong organised stable German mentality – what a super guy. David, the old pro, head down into a headwind, never shirking his responsibility, love you Dave. The two granite men, Brad and Eric, two drivers, strong personalities, focused, invaluable, and then there is Peter, wow what a rider, the gritty, strong, solid northerner, its because of people like him that made our country great. What is incredible is that in the main this group came together as a riding unit on the start line, no practice rides before, that’s the crazy thing, we had no idea as to how it would work, we changed shifts mid race, bit somehow it clicked, and let me assure all my Rapha CC team mates when I see Sacha in Reading yellow up the road, struggling, or if he needs a wheel at Hillingdon, I will bury myself for him push my body into the wind for him, sacrifice myself to his gain. Thankyou

As for the crew, there is absolutely no way that a team can get complete without a crew, Again our crew came together hotchpotch, again in the main they had not worked together, I really don’t think that any of them knew what they were getting themselves into. I saw that one member brought along a book! OMG. They endured, drove on the wrong side of the road giant unwieldy RV’s, on little to no sleep, they consumed packets of pro-plus, they made breakfast for 4 riders and crew, in 8 minutes on small stoves in cramped conditions, You have absolutely no idea what this lot went through, emotions were strained, it was very intense in there, they endured a week of hell, they are the real heros and heroins. I apologise to them all for putting them through this, now I know, that I should have built a far bigger crew. I put them through this, and I am truly sorry – I had no idea.

Last night was incredible, this team crossed the finish line in 6 days, 6 hours and 44 minutes, we completed the 3,005.10 miles at a speed of 19.94 mph, that’s faster than most weekend club runs! We did that including 100,000 feet of ascent, the Rockies were hard BUT the Appalacians killed us. We were the 3rd fasted 8-man team, we were the 6th fastest team overall, we were the fastest British team.
19/06/2010 17:22:29
Subject: RE: Day 1-2
Jennifer Adams says:
Congratulations!! You all are amazing!!
19/06/2010 16:30:36
Subject: RE: Day 1-2
PiperJohn says:
Wow! Great job!
19/06/2010 14:13:46
Subject: RE: Day 1-2
Natasha says:
Congratulations everyone! What a fantastic finish, can't wait to see the pictures and hear all about it!
19/06/2010 12:31:01
Subject: RE: Day 1-2
Karen says:
You did it! What a great effort by all of you. I hope there was a big bottle of champagne waiting at the end. How can you possibly to top this?!! Way to go!

Paul, Karen, Leah and Lauren
19/06/2010 12:00:44
Subject: RE: Day 1-2
Andy & Janet Brown says:
Well done to you all. Quite an achievement!
We wnat to know what your next mad cap scheme will be!
Can't wait to hear the gory details when you return to the right side of the pond
19/06/2010 10:22:09
Subject: RE: Day 1-2
Rozan Wilson says:
Congratulations what an amazing achievement you have all done so brilliantly. Enjoy the sleeping and celebrating!!! Can't wait to see you Sacha. Lots of love Rozan, Grace, Issy and Ben xxx
19/06/2010 06:29:56
Subject: RE: Day 1-2
Ulita + Emily says:
Congratulations from Aligse (Hannover, Germany)!!!!! The team is simply fantastic. Emily is very proud of her Daddy.
Best wishes from Ulita + Emily
19/06/2010 05:25:51
Subject: RE: Day 1-2
bren mailloux says:
best ever.... congrats to the team...Heros forever what an effort, love you all !!! b
19/06/2010 05:19:05
Subject: RE: Day 1-2
Valerie says:
Indredible job from all of you, crew team included! I can't imagine how excited you must all feel right now! Enjoy this unimaginable accomplishment.
19/06/2010 05:13:11
Subject: RE: Day 1-2
Sue W. says:
Congratulations to everyone.!!!!!! Great Job. Great race.
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Final update

Convicts of the Road key statistics:

  • Crossed the official finish line at 0.12 hrs in Annapolis, Maryland,
    Saturday 19th June 2010
  • Completed RAAM in 6 days, 6 hours and 44 minutes
  • Completed the 3,005 miles distance at a speed of 19.94 mph, including
    100,000 feet ascent
  • The 3rd fasted 8-man team, 6th fastest team overall, and the fastest British team
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